Greater Wellington Long Term Plan 2018-28

As you can imagine this plan is big - it needs to be. So you can download it in sizable chunks... 


Our Long Term Plan provides direction for decisions and sets out priorities, programmes and projects for the region over a 10 year period and into the future.  The overview outlines our strategic context, vision and priorities.  More information →


This section outlines our key areas of activity;  Environment – Te Taiao, Regional parks and forests – Nga Papa Whenua, Water supply – Ngā Puna Wai, Flood protection and control works – Te Tiaki me te Arahi Waipuke, Metlink public transport – Ngā Waka Tūmatanui and Regional leadership – Ngā Kaihautū o te Rohe. More information →


This section outlines our current financial position and financial rating. The Financial Strategy sections also explains our revenue sources, income from rates and water levies, net debt and finance costs. More information →


This section outlines the assumptions about the future environment that inform our long term plan. These assumptions have been applied across all of our work and are relatively consistent with the assumptions being made by the territorial authorities throughout our region. More information →


The financial information section of the Long Term Plan outlines our accounting policy, financial statements, summary of rates and levies and our funding impact and disclosure statements. More information →


The infrastructure strategy section explains how we plan to manage our infrastructure over the next 30 years and how our plans support our vision for the region.  The section also outlines how we’ll manage infrastructure in response to our changing environment.  More information →


This section covers the council controlled organisations (CCOs) and council controlled trading organisations (CCTOs) which assist in promoting our objectives for the region. It also outlines our approach to managing investments, including things like contingency investments for flood protection and water supply, administrative properties and Forestry and business units.  More information →


This section includes an independent auditor’s report on Greater Wellington Regional Council’s 2018-28 Long-Term Plan and contact details for your regional councillors. More information →